A door to the future has been opened.

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The world is dying, overcrowded and polluted. Storms rage over the immensely tall tower blocks, attracted to Movers.

Movers are connected to people in the future, their Shadows. And moving your Shadow is highly illegal.

Patrick knows all too well what happens if you break the law: his father has been in the Shelves ever since he moved his Shadow. And now Patrick and his family are in danger again.

Following a catastrophic event at their school, Patrick must go on the run. Through filthy, teeming markets, forebrawler matches, a labyrinth of underground tunnels and beyond, he'll need his wits and courage to escape the forces that want to take everything he loves.

"In Movers, McIsaac creates a stunningly original cosmography, and she skilfully manages the complications that come with time travel, cleaning up loose ends and juggling the butterfly effect with a deft hand." - Quill and Quire (starred review)

"McIsaac is definitely onto something with this Terminator-like young adult series, and I hope that young readers will have access to Movers in classrooms and libraries alike. This is a strong start to what I hope will be a powerhouse trilogy." - CM Magazine

"...a high stakes action film on the page." - Toronto Star

2017 Shining Willow Finalist - Saskatchewan Young Readers' Choice Awards

  • Publisher (UK):
    Andersen Press
  • Publisher (Canada):
    Tundra Books
  • Category:
    Middle Grade
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