It's the shot of a lifetime...


Fifteen-year-old Nick Carver is tired of living in his older brother's shadow. Markus is the lacrosse team hero, love interest of Nick's longtime crush and now the recipient of a prestigious scholarship from the Philston Weiks Academy.

When a mistake at provincials results in Markus's goal being discounted, rumors start going around school that he cheated. Suddenly, Philston Weiks is "rethinking" Markus's scholarship offer. They've also invited other players, including Nick, to try out for Markus's spot. Nick is flattered but conflicted. He's pretty sure his brother didn't cheat. But can he prove it? And if he does, will he ruin his one chance to finally be in the spotlight?

"Fast-paced action, strong characterization, short paragraphs, and relatively simple vocabulary produce a smoothly executed...read. Nick's voice is strong, and his love of sport, desire to excel, and sense of fair play are well-expressed...An enjoyable read that is well constructed, and it will likely find its audience among sports lovers and reluctant readers." (CM Magazine - January 3, 2014)

"McIsaac's blend of suspense, sports action, and realistic drama keeps the story moving in the hallways, in the locker room, and during game play." (Publishers Weekly - January 17, 2014)

2014 Junior Library Guild Selection